Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fly Away with Me

Hello all!

So let me introduce myself for a moment, my name is Nicole and I am a scrapbookaholic. I have been scrapbooking since 2000 with my best friend, my mom! We have a serious addiction together and a whole room now has been taken over with all of our stuff. A girl can never have too many scrap pads right? So we each make our own book about our lives, unfortunately we are a few years behind... like we're still stuck in 2007. Pretty bad I know, but we are slowly making progress of digging ourselves out of this massive hole.

So today's post is the start of our Hawaiian vacation from 2007!

So first page is the opening page to the trip and the travel over, I found a luggage tag I had written on and that served as the main inspiration for the page. 

 I selected the paper above because it was too cute and fit perfectly with luggage tags and flying all that way over to Hawaii! 

We had a little visitor who wanted to scrapbook with us! Our little dog Rosie. She is a sweetheart, just a little bit of a hindrance trying to scrapbook on your lap.  

So here was my little sketch of the layout I wanted to do. I know it is pretty rough and I changed it upon actually putting it together, but I wanted to play with horizontal lines and the different widths. 

Here is the layout completed! I added in little planes and luggage in a Hawaiian print to tie in the Hawaiian trip. I made a little list of all the places we were going to and introduction to the trip ahead.

Here is my little Hawaiian planes. 

Now I want to go on vacation again! 

In case you were wondering the paper I used: 
Hawaiian flower print paper: Paper Studio - A day at the beach
12 x 12 planes and luggage paper - Stemma- Travel
Planes and luggage was cut from Cricut Going Places 

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