Monday, January 5, 2015

First set of wheels!

My scrapbook day yesterday wasn't as prolific as I was hoping but it was fantastic since I set up my Christmas present! My Silhouette Cameo! This is the best scrapbooking tool so I can make any kind of embellishment I am looking for.  And since we are still in 2007 when I got my first pair of wheels... I need to make myself some wheels.

The sketch is from, Let's Capture Our Memories with their #105 sketch:

And mine:

I loved this chevron paper that looks a bit tire like! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Academic Letter

Back to 2007 when I was a smarty pants... well I was trying to be!

Here is my page for my academic letter. I tried to stick with navy and silver since those are the school colors and also added in some tan. I was so ecstatic to find I had letter paper for my academic letter page...hee hee.

My sketch comes from Stuck?! Sketches Jan 1 challenge, I'm fast about this one this month!

and now mine: 

It's a snowy day here in Wisconsin, so my day will be spent scrapbooking, sipping tea as the snow falls. Oh! And anxiously awaiting Downton Abbey premiere tonight! Anyone else watching it?