Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fall is coming!

Ladies, it's official fall is fast approaching. It's almost here! I can feel it, taste it and scrapbook it! I went to Jo-Anns this weekend and guess what is out? Well I'll tell you because it made my weekend, the new fall and Halloween stacks are here!

DCWV's fall collection is here. This is the best news, but even more apparent I need a job, like now, like ten minutes ago. There are so many stacks I want to buy! Too bad I am stuck in Hawaii so I won't get to use any pretty fall paper for a little while.

Nothing can spoil my mood now that DCWV has said fall is here. Now where is my candy corn?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh that blue water


It's the weekend! So after a rough day yesterday, I need a little retail therapy so what better than to buy some new paper! Right? So here's my treat to myself...

I couldn't resist DCWV's new Modern Meadow pad. I loved all the muted colors and geometric patterns. There was a whole wall of their brand new 6x6, and I want every single one of them. I tried to contain my shopping by agreeing to start off slowly for now and just get one, but I will be back! I love adding texture to a page, and their new 6x6 are full of textures that I love.

I was on a square theme for this page. I tried to pick colors that matched the pictures. DCWV's Lemon Flower stack is going to be perfect for Hawaii's beaches with the dark blacks, charcoals and grays.

Here is the finished page! I think it came together nicely and I am already working on the next set of pages. Be back soon! 

Today's square paper: 
Black square: DCWV Lemon Flower stack
Blue square: DCWV White Ginger Stack
Solid green: DCWV Lemon flower stack
Green gingham: Lime Twist Out of the Blue Stack 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top Ten


Another Wednesday is here, and gone. I can't wait for the weekend! I am planning a weekend all about me, which includes: scrapbooking, shopping, relaxing and wine. ( With a possibility of combining all of them at once!)

Today I am here to report that I ecstatic to be in the Top 10 for DCWV's July Challenge.

So here is my great moment up on DCWV's blog which is linked here.

Check it out and view the other great designs! My favorite is Kasi Lopez's scrapbook page, it's so sweet and girly. You couldn't not look at it and say, "Awwww."
Well I shall see you back here this weekend for a lot of scrapbookin'!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fillin' up shoppin' bags


Is it the weekend yet?? I need a scrapbook day, badly. I have all this new paper that I am dying to use, I swear I can hear it calling my name. I also got to crack into a new pad, always a great feeling isn't it? The new stack I am so excited to use? It's DCWV's new Linen Closet stack. The colors are just fabulous and I am such a sucker for foil, which this pad is jam packed with. What sold me is the great colors: browns, mustards, blues and lots of gold foil. How can you not resist?

So this layout is from Hawaii, about ABC Stores. If you have ever been to Hawaii, you know what ABC stores are and we loved them. Mom and I have a thing that where ever we travel to there must be a shopping picture taken and here we go...

So here is the paper line up! The brown is from the new stack! I started with the navy and white flowers and built around it. 

Here is my very rough sketch for what I wanted to do. I had this idea of overlapping oversized shopping bags. (I also switched my little sketch up a bit, as always.)

Well here is to a speedy end of this week!!

Paper on this layout:
Blue hawaii flowers: No idea, came out of our random bin of paper.
Brown Dots: DCWV Linen Stack (new)
Goldish paper: Paper Studio Simple Elegance (4.5 x 6.5)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Room With a View


Ever had one of those days where hiding in a pile of scrapbook paper is better than what you should be doing? I was having one of those days today.

I'm still in Hawaii. Today I wanted to see if I could make a monotone page, well me being me didn't quite make it to being completely monotone, but I like it.

Here was my paper selection! The dot paper was actually raised dots! I loved the added texture. (Though it was not the most fun to glue!)

Another page done in the long to do list. I loved those turquoise blue waters, and had the paper match it. 

Today's paper is:
Diagonal stripes: DCWV Citrus Stack (new)
Raised dots: Recollections Spring Collection 
The square arrow cutouts: Cricut Going Places
Letters: Cricut Jasmine 

DCWV July Card Challenge

Hey there! 

This week Mom and I got a baby shower invite from one of our close family friends who is having a baby. We got so excited to shop for cute baby stuff, and that we got to use some of our cute baby paper we never get to use! It also lined up perfectly with the DCWV July Card Challenge so we did the card together and here is the result! 

So here is the sketch from DCWV we had to work with this month.

My favorite process is picking out paper! It was so hard to choose, because they are all so cute but...

this was the combination! We didn't know if it was a boy or girl so we went with a nonspecific gender. (Also the colors matched the things we had bought! Bonus!) 
I fell in love with the little animal paper, it was just too cute! 

I did the front with some extra help from Mom.

Mom worked on the inside, coordinating the front paper in. 

I loved this card so much that I didn't want to let it go!

In case you were wondering the paper I used: 
Green dots and animal: 4.5 x 6.5  DCWV Nana's Kids Stack
Yellow glitter: 4.5 x 6.5 DCWV Lemon Flower Stack
Tan: 4.5 x 6.5 DCWV The Silky Smooth Stack Neutrals 
Words from Cricut Phrases 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

DCWV July Stack Challenge


 We are doing a lot of scrapbooking this weekend. Mom and I are actually getting our DCWV stack challenge done early this month. So here is the sketch we had to work with:

I love how organized it is. I know my OCD is showing! 

So we are still in 2007 Hawaii, I skipped ahead in the vacation because I loved this piece of paper. I like to try and match or coordinate the paper to my pictures and my favorite is to mix and match multiple stacks together.

 I am a sucker for foil paper. I thought this was so perfect for a jungle green theme, so the inspiration started here. 

Layout is done and now to embellish, which is my favorite part.

Done! I love how bright and graphic it is, and I think the two leaves work so well together. 

I found this perfect cream twine for the top part of the page. I cut out leaves using the cricut and added in brads and circles for the little cluster piece at the top. I didn't do the title they had because I decided I would make a second page.

Here is the accompanying piece. I really didn't change the layout very much, just made it vertical and moved a couple things around. I think it complements it nicely. 

I also have mom's challenge page that I adore. She is on Hawaii with me as well, and was doing the cruise part of the trip. 

Anyone who has cruised Norwegian Cruise Lines, knows the Freestyle Daily! We were planning out our day. She used DCWV's new Citrus Stack that she won from last month's DCWV challenge! Congrats Mom!! I just loved all the bright colors, and perfectly does it fit Hawaii?  

So hopefully we can make up on Top 10 this month, or for mom again. Have a great weekend! I think I'm feeling inspired again and off to the scrap room.

In case you were wondering the paper I used: 
12 x 12 green leaf paper: DCWV White Ginger
12 x 12 Brown and brown leaf paper: DCWV Cinnamon Luster 
Cream paper: No idea 
Leaves were cut from Cricut Life is a Beach

Fly Away with Me

Hello all!

So let me introduce myself for a moment, my name is Nicole and I am a scrapbookaholic. I have been scrapbooking since 2000 with my best friend, my mom! We have a serious addiction together and a whole room now has been taken over with all of our stuff. A girl can never have too many scrap pads right? So we each make our own book about our lives, unfortunately we are a few years behind... like we're still stuck in 2007. Pretty bad I know, but we are slowly making progress of digging ourselves out of this massive hole.

So today's post is the start of our Hawaiian vacation from 2007!

So first page is the opening page to the trip and the travel over, I found a luggage tag I had written on and that served as the main inspiration for the page. 

 I selected the paper above because it was too cute and fit perfectly with luggage tags and flying all that way over to Hawaii! 

We had a little visitor who wanted to scrapbook with us! Our little dog Rosie. She is a sweetheart, just a little bit of a hindrance trying to scrapbook on your lap.  

So here was my little sketch of the layout I wanted to do. I know it is pretty rough and I changed it upon actually putting it together, but I wanted to play with horizontal lines and the different widths. 

Here is the layout completed! I added in little planes and luggage in a Hawaiian print to tie in the Hawaiian trip. I made a little list of all the places we were going to and introduction to the trip ahead.

Here is my little Hawaiian planes. 

Now I want to go on vacation again! 

In case you were wondering the paper I used: 
Hawaiian flower print paper: Paper Studio - A day at the beach
12 x 12 planes and luggage paper - Stemma- Travel
Planes and luggage was cut from Cricut Going Places