Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hello there!

It's scrapbooking weekend! First I needed to do a bit of organization of my books. Taking me away from creating, but it has to get done sometime. So while I was organizing I found some of my favorite pages I did a while ago, and thought I would share. I'm a bit late on throwback thursday.

A Christmas layout, I love the colors on this one. It's traditional colors, but with a bit of a twist. I also love the parenthesis, and using typography in fun different ways. Like below as well..

An old track layout. I love the colors, how the coordinate with the pictures so well.

I do so many camping layouts, and this one is so different and fun from so many of mine so it has a fond place in my heart. The pop of pink is different and eye catching, it also coordinates with the wood print.

These two pages were a double layout, so I copied the layout but did in a very different color scheme and theme. I love how the waves and stars move diagonally across the page. And the subtle similarities to tie them a bit together like the use of gold. I love the layering on this one.  

So this may be my all time favorite layout! I love the colors, and just how beachy it is. I live in the middle of the desert and this makes me crave a good beach day so much. I also love using pearl dots. Also it just indulges my nautical obsession!

So now I would love to see some of your old layouts that you love.


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