Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rosie's Book

Hello there again!

So it's been a while since I've written on here. Life got crazy... sad excuse I know, but true. Scrapbooking was put on hold for a while. Then my world went upside down and I needed something to help and cope with everything.

We had to put my beloved childhood dog down, Rosie, about a month ago. I was in shock and so sad that I needed an outlet. Something to hold on to, share the memories and come to terms with it all. So I put together Rosie's Scrapbook. In three weeks, a couple hundred pictures, two glue cartridges, a Cricut mat and a few paper cuts later I'm done.

I am one of the people who is terrible with secrets. I can keep your secret, but not my own! When I have big news I want to share with everyone, so it kills me when I can't. I decided to do this project in secret and not tell my parents as a sweet surprise for them, which was extra killer since my mom is my scrapbook buddy. So at 4 A.M. last night I completed this whirlwind emotional project.

So now I'll show you some of my favorite pages with you. (This may be the longest post ever!)

The front page, I wanted this to be something extra special and set the theme of the book and start with her story.

I tried for the entire book to find anything that was rose print, or sort of flowery print. Also anything that was pink. The layout for this page came from the DCWV May Challenge. I loved the layout, I just moved around a couple things for her little baby picture. The paper for this layout was DCWV's Coral and Navy stack, and the hot pink rose paper was DCWV's Spring & Summer 6 x 12 paper (I swear I couldn't live without this stack. It is a staple to my pages.)

Next we have her favorite toys page! I loved the polka dots, and was just fun enough for her toys. The paper from this page was DCWV's Gilded Paper Stack. I swear this a great stack! I love all the foil and the neutral colors. It also has anchors in, which I'm obsessed about but now I'm getting off topic. I put strips of colors that matched her toys under the pictures. 

This is one of my favorite pages, because I went with such a fun silly theme. She would always steal stuff from us so I made a little jail bird theme. The paper is from DCWV's Hey Sailor Stack. I had so much fun adding all the decorations at the top. I was so excited to make a sock from a Cricut cartridge, turned Christmas stocking into a sock in two seconds. 

When I gave my mom the book this is her favorite page, and I'll be honest it's high on my list too. I loved the cream and white together. Also I was so excited to find water paper to make my little bath mood from DCWV's Summer Magic and the sea foam dots are also from DCWV Handy Dandy Stack. 

This one was the most labor intensive page so far. It was so hard to get everything perfectly spaced and aligned. I was covered with glue and tape by the end of it. The blue border page is from Authentique, Loyal Collection. The pretty flower paper is from DCWV's Peachy Keen Stack. I love the gray's they have in that stack!

Two pages came from DCWV's new Green Stack. I love the texture of these pages. The right page was inspired by an arrow through my heart, falling in love. The camping page also has DCWV's Corrugate Neutral Stack. I love the roughness it gives the page. Out doorsy pages are so much fun and corrugate gives it an extra roughness that's great.

These two come from DCWV's Modern Meadows. I typically don't do this, but I don't want to use the stack because it's just too pretty! I want to save it... silly I know! So for this book I forced myself to use all my favorite pages, or things I was saving. The yellow rose paper came from Colorbok's Antique Paperie.

Another theme I tried to do through the entire book was do little embellishments in 3 and 4's for us. So the page to the left has three hearts for each of us. 

So this one may be my favorite page (I think I already said that... oops) I couldn't find a paper I liked so I made my own! Lucky enough in our craft room we have a little shamrock plant. Well I cut one out, broke out the green ink and pressed my paper!  I was a mess after but it sure came out nice.

Yay holidays! I wanted to do a timeline for these, and boy was this one labor intensive too. Christmas stack is Mind's Eye, Lost & Found Christmas. I loved using cream, brown and red for Christmas instead of the typical green and red. It still feels Christmasy, but in the non-traditional sense. I did the same not quite so traditional color scheme for my Halloween layout. 

I went with a green, purple and black, with spiders. I think it's fun and a great change from black and orange. I used Recollections Haunted Estate for the green spider paper, and DCWV's Halloween & Fall Stack for the diagonal stripes and black/purple paper. I love how the spiders web was a great way to hang my pictures from!

It's just so silly its fun! I love to layer, and layer some more. This paper just fell together in a perfect color combo. I used DCWV's Rustic Stack as the background, DCWV's Peachy Keen for the orange polk dots, and the red flowery 6x6 is from DCWV's The Crafty Stack. The others were odds and ends I ran across. 

 This was the most emotionally hard page for me to make, since it was mine. Tt may be my favorite and, I mean that this time! I love daises (and was running out of rose paper, think I used every rose paper I owned) and loved how the pictures move diagonally up the page. I also had too much fun making my own little daises to add as an embellishment. The paper for this page came from K&C Company's Wild Saffron. 

My last page. Of the book and this post!

I used DCWV's Gilded Stack as the background and cut out the most fitting quote. I used DCWV's The Crafty Stack agin for the blue roses paper. I thought the blue, gold, green and black all tied in so nicely. I had a little baggy of her hair (her fluff!) to save. 

I hope you enjoyed my post! I'll be back soon. Now to clean up the craft room I destroyed after this project! See you again soon! 

If you ever have a question for me on any of my pages feel free to comment and I'll be happy to get back to you!

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